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At last, Blu Ray is affordable! Now even the ‘ordinary’ people can get their grubby, uneducated mitts on the most advanced movie format known to man. But, in all the excitement and confusion, it’s easy to pay out big time and go home with last year’s ‘budget’ model when for the same price you could have bought last year’s best effort. Want to make sure you’re making the right choice? So did we. That’s why we waited until our reviewer was in the bathroom and then told him there was a bomb under his toilet (Lethal Weapon 2 style, boyee!) threatening to set it off if he didn’t write this piece for us.

LG BP 120 Blu Ray Player (Basic)

Available at just under £80, this player lacks any extras, but plays pretty well. The DVD up scaling is to a very high standard indeed and the overall playback quality is generally good. My major knock on this product is that it lacks any Internet connectivity whatsoever.

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Panasonic DMP-BD75EB-K Blu Ray Player (Not Bad)

This is another decent model that won’t steer you far wrong. However, there are better buys out there. Good playback and DNLA Internet connectivity combine to offer a decent, entry-level package, but there are other fish in this particular sea.

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The Sony S380 Blu Ray Player (Awesometastic!)

Now you’re talking. For just under £80, you can take home one helluva player. It features glorious playback, excellent streaming options and the sound of hundreds of satisfied customers swearing by it. Fantastic value.

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The Sony BDPS480B CEK 3D Blu-Ray Player (Cracking Stuff)

Despite lacking a dongle as part of the overall package, the BDPS480B is very nice indeed, great Internet connectivity, lovely playback and, at under £100, great value too. Sony were a bit stingy on this one, though, I’m not even sure it comes in a box.

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The LG BD 550 Blu Ray player (Basic)

As little as a year ago, this perfectly serviceable model represented the absolute apex of good value, now better models in the same price range have overtaken it. It’s a shame really.

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The LG BD 650 Blu Ray player (Not Bad)

Despite the Internet connectivity being a pain on this one, the player is cheap and cheerful as well as being fairly up to date. Not a bad buy in anyone’s book.

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The Sony BDPS490 3D Blu-Ray Player (Cracking Stuff)

The biggest problem here is the lack of WiFi. Beyond that, this 3D player can be yours at just over £100, which is pretty good indeed!

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The Panasonic DMP-BDT110EB 3D Blu Ray Player (Not Bad)

This one drops points for being really expensive for no discernable reason. It’ll only play the apps it starts off with, ignores most media file types and has an overly sensitive laser (you can’t even play an episode of ‘Red Dwarf’ without accidentally calling it fat). Certainly doesn’t live up to the hype, but at the same time its not terrible.

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The Samsung BD-D5100 Blu Ray Player (Meh)

Lazy, slow-witted and flabby, this player is one to avoid. It was once something of a bargain, but that was in the days when Blu Ray players still cost £300+ and Archaeopteryx was taking its first flight. Don’t bother.

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The Toshiba BDX1300KB Blu Ray Player (Meh)

It does the job OK, but the following facts speak for themselves: 1) It won’t connect to the Internet without an Ethernet cable, 2) internal menus are filled with incomprehensible jargon and 3) the loading times would make-a the Pope-a say the ‘effa-word’. Not good.

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The Toshiba BDX1250 Blu-Ray Player (Not Bad)

For the price (actually as low as £40 in some places) you really do get your money’s worth. A slew of satisfied customers prove that the world loves a bargain.

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The Samsung BD-E5500 3D Blu-Ray Player (Awesometastic!)

Try and find a format this thing won’t play; go ahead, make my day. It is versatile, fairly cheap and contains an integrated karaoke player. Wonderful.

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The PS3 Blu Ray Player (Awesometastic!)

Order the remote control, then sit back and watch your favourite movies in glorious high definition. Did you know it also plays games?

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Our Verdict

Buying a Blu Ray player has never been easier, or cheaper, so now is definitely the time to get out there and get one. Remember, however, that you will need an HD TV (1080p resolution) and a decent surround sound system in order to make the experience worthwhile. Blu Ray will up scale your existing DVD collection and, in most cases, will also play downloaded content. You can also hook a camera up via USB and watch/view the stored content on the big screen. Every one of these players has the potential to make ‘Die Hard’ look even more awesomer, so go nuts.

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