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LG BP120 Blu Ray Player Review

Review: We go hands on with the LG BP120


There’s nothing fancy about this one, it’s just a Blu Ray player, plain and simple. Don’t expect Internet, extra features or any bells and whistles and you won’t be disappointed. But is the LG BP120 Blu-ray Player basic and affordable, or is it simply limited and overpriced? We pelted our reviewer with rotten eggs and curdled milk until he found out for us…


This Player is small and slim, although it’s not the lightest player in the world (quite where it hides 2.3 kg of weight is a mystery to me). Smaller Blu Ray players are better for the environment, in manufacturing terms, because less harmful chemicals are used to make them. Also, the smaller the player, the less space it takes up.

It is worth noting at this point that although it is tempting to get a Blu Ray upgrade to your home entertainment system, this will be completely futile without a decent sound system and an HD TV with 1080p resolution. Without these things, your Blu Ray discs will look/sound exactly the same as your DVDs do and you’ll be out of pocket.

This Blu Ray player is very, how can I put this? ‘Vanilla’. There aren’t any extra functions, there’s no Internet to speak of and the LG BP120 is actually very limited. It looks good and it plays nicely, but for the price, we can expect a little better.


The LG BP120 Blu-ray Player will set you back the best part of £80 and therein lays the problem. This is simply too limited a player to command that sort of asking price. There is nothing wrong with it in terms of functionality, but there are players that offer so much more and actually cost about £20 less.


The LG BP120 works very well, it is generally quiet, it loads really quickly and provides awesome picture and sound quality. The DVD upscaling is marvellous as well.  Because it was only released a couple of months ago, the BP120 makes use of modern trappings (such as noise reduction and increased speed), but sadly not all of them (quite why this player has neither Ethernet or WiFi compatibility is something of a minor mystery).

The lack of any modern extras on this player is the real let down.


It’s a veritable ghost town out there. I’m sure that someone, somewhere has reviewed the LG BP120 Blu-ray Player, but Amazon, Youtube and even the official LG website all fail to offer any customer comment at all. Even the Google searches I did came up dry.

Although I could search some more, that defeats the point entirely. We need to see proof that a lot of people are buying this product and whether they like it or don’t like it. I can only deduce from the complete lack of feedback (even from the LG BP120’s official page!) that very few people are actually buying it, which is hardly a recommendation. Those who are buying it are clearly not compelled to share their experiences with the world, at any rate.

Still, it is early days yet. This player has been on the market for all of two months, so you may find that the reviews start to trickle in some time soon. However, I have to say that I don’t think they will. This player was outdated the moment it hit shops, which would be fine if it was the cheapest option out there, but it isn’t.

Our Verdict

This is a decent entry level Blu Ray player. It offers great quality visuals/sound with minimum fuss and won’t let you down on any playback-related front. However, the complete lack of Internet, extras of any kind and peer comments/feedback severely hamper its chances of getting a good review here, while the inflated £80 price tag destroys them completely.

You can get Internet ready players with built-in WiFi, multiple connection ports and much more besides for as low as about £60 – £70. I can’t help but recommend that you do that instead.

Very few people are buying this product and it doesn’t look like any of those who have are tripping over themselves to give it a good review. It is a standard player with slightly above average playback and is available at an above average price. You really are getting less for more, something I’ve never been one to condone.

Buy this if you want an efficient Blu Ray player that does nothing more than efficiently play Blu Rays. However, remember that by doing so, you are cutting yourself off from a great many more up-to-date Blu ray players (most of which, ironically, are a year or so older than this one). There are better players out there, and cheaper, too.









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